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By CGLAX, 05/02/21, 8:00AM CDT


Hello Lacrosse Parents and Players!

Now that preseason practices are complete and we are moving into regular season practices there are a few important things to cover. Please review and let us know if you have any questions.

  1. Communication: All individual team communication regarding practices, games, etc. will be performed through the Team Page on and the Team SportsEngine App (note that the information on each is the same so you only need to check one). It is highly recommended that if you have a smartphone you download the SportsEngine App from the Apple or Android Store.
    1. Once you have downloaded the app, open the following link from your smartphone
  2. Team Manager(s): Manager responsibilities include inputting the game schedule when received, reporting scores to association, communicating any changes or cancellations in practice/game dates, ensuring there is a timekeeper for home games, checking in the team for tournaments (usually done the day of), and relaying anything the coaches need to the board. This is all made easy through the SportsEngine App and support from the board. Please note that serving as a team manager takes care of the volunteer requirement/Lacrosse DIBS for your family. If you are interested in being the manager for your player’s team please complete this form.
  3. DIBS- CGAA Lacrosse is a community organization and supported by volunteers.  As a result to help support your lacrosse team and player, each family is required to complete 4 hours of DIBS. Opportunities for DIBS will be posted throughout the season at the following link: Note that serving as a timer or scorekeeper at home games is a great (and fun) way to get in your DIBS hours.
  4. COVID-19 Considerations – CGAA Lacrosse will continue to follow the latest State of Minnesota Youth Sports Guidelines posted at and will communicate out any changes as the season progresses.  As of today players, coaches, and any parents observing games or practices should stay at home when sick, stay 6 feet apart when not playing or practicing, and adhere to the most recent mask guidelines for outdoor recreation: 
    1. Requirement: Face coverings are required to be worn when sports participants are not actively practicing or playing. This includes when participants are on the sidelines, the dugout, or the bench. For example, athletes as well as coaches, referees, managers, and volunteers must all be masked when they are attending a practice or game and they are on the sidelines, the dugout, or the bench. 
    2.  Recommendation: For participants that are actively practicing or playing, it is strongly recommended to wear a face covering at all times (including while actively practicing or playing)
  5. Reminder about First Week of Practices – Please note that for this first week, 10U and 8U will practice together until 10U coaches Cole and Peyton are back from college next week.
  6. Opportunity to Serve as Member at Large - The CGAA Lacrosse Board is continually looking at how we can do things better. To ensure we know what those opportunities are we look to parents to provide that feedback. As a result we are seeking two parents (one representing a girls team and the other a boys team) to serve as Members at Large on our board. These are non-voting positions that will attend the monthly board meeting to represent the viewpoints of parents and players. If interested please complete this form. Please note that serving in this role takes care of the volunteer requirement/Lacrosse DIBS for your family.

With the beautiful weather outside this weekend we are excited for the season to start and to watch our kids learning and enjoying the great sport of lacrosse!


Thank you,

Cottage Grove Lacrosse Association